Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm still not 100% sure of the pattern I'm going to use for the lace yarn I showed last week. But I wanted to let  you know about the Wholehearted Shawl KAL that Evelyn is hosting. I did purchase the pattern but feel like the lace won't work for it. I'm still on my self imposed no yarn buying so work from the stash and I don't have the yarn for it. But Evelyn is doing a wonderful thing and I wanted to point it out.

As for my knitting this week I finished the ankle sock (only 1) I was working on. This one sock probably has taken longer then a usual pair of socks sometimes does. I think it's because I'm not really into knitting socks right now.

I did cast on for a sweater for Ree because she came up to me with the pink yarn saying "Momma I NEED a pink sweater." When she says that she needs something knit I tend to cast on right away.
I'm using the Menemsha pattern and I have a feeling it will knit up quickly. This picture doesn't do the yarn justice because the pink is REALLY pink, like flamingo pink. Hence she is now calling it her flamingo sweater. And she has been helping knit can you tell from the picture?

I'm still not in the middle of a book. I've been browsing through different herbal books and cookbooks from the library. Nothing very interesting though!


  1. Well if that yarn is more pink than in the photo, I say yay!! How could you ever say not to a request for a knitted item? I hope your sock interest picks up soon.

  2. A request for a knitted item is hard to resist. I was gifted Evelyn's pattern and promptly gifted one to a friend. I love her pledge to help her daughter.

  3. I totally agree it's hard to resist a knitting request :) My boys want hats and the only think keeping me back is not having the proper colors in my stash. By fall I'm sure they'll change their minds on that anyway. Congrats on finishing your sock!

  4. Sock knitting does require being in the mood for it. At least the 2nd sock shouldn't take too long since it doesn't have the full leg.

  5. I love your "flamingo sweater!" And I am the same way... if one of my kids says they want something knit, I tend to drop everything and knit for them. Your sock will get done some day, I'm sure!

  6. I'm on a yarn diet, too, so HAD to use what was in my stash for my Wholehearted Shawl. We miss having you in the KAL but I hope you'll knit this pattern one day when you can as it's a really lovely (and relaxing) knit! xo

  7. Oh, yarn diets... I probably should go on one, but it's hard to shop buying!

  8. your sock looks great, and i love that your daughter requested a sweater. i would drop everything for that too!

  9. Your sock came out great! Socks usually go pretty fast for me too but this last pair is taking forever. Maybe because I am anxious to cast on a pair using that hand spun that is waiting in the basket for me.....

    I am still on my self-imposed sock yarn diet. I have been mighty tempted - but have not given in yet!

  10. I love that name-flamingo sweater. Hmm a yarn diet-what a foreign concept to me. :) I definitely need to acquaint myself with that one! Your sock is lovely. I need to start my knits for my daughter too.

    1. Oops, I forgot; it's me Ang from peach coglo.
      Have a great day!

  11. It calls for fingering weight? So, a skein of sock yarn? Hmm. I might have something I could use for that.

    I love the pink sweater. I think you're right, it will knit up quickly, and with this crazy spring weather she'll get some use out of it before summer, too!!


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