Monday, April 2, 2012


This weekend was very very full & busy.

On Friday night I made strawberry scones that I've had pinned at Pintrest for a long time. They were DELICIOUS!! They will be made many times this strawberry season.

Saturday Ree & I had our music class then my sister was here where we did an Easter craft; then went shopping for the afternoon.

Sunday we had Church and a Bridal shower and out of town family at my sister-in-laws for supper.

This week it's all about the Easter preparations that I haven't even really thought about (!!!) I'm not going to panic yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm linking up with Amanda at Habit of Being!!


  1. I know, I am trying not to panic too, Easter is on Sunday! Oh dear. :)

  2. love the heart in the last photo!

    and strawberry scones? yum!

  3. I've been wanting to make scones! Yours look delicious and I bet they have 0 calories....right?

  4. Those scones look so yummy! I am sadly behind with everything Easter this year. My mom & I are still trying to decide what to make for dinner and where we are having it!


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