Saturday, August 25, 2012

In our yard

We took a walk around our yard last night looking at all the changes that are happening. We've had some rain in the past few weeks and that has really helped! I also spent some time this week weeding all the gardens so they look prettier too!

We have MANY eggplant blossoms coming and that makes me very excited! We also have a ton of green peppers. The seeds were a mix so I'm not sure if we'll have all green peppers or if the red ones start out green too. Although they look like they are green-green so we'll see in the next few weeks.

We also have one pepper plant that is producing different looking yellow peppers. They look like hot peppers except we didn't plant hot peppers. Again we'll have to wait and see.

The tomatoes are growing like crazy. We had to get bigger stakes last weekend because the plants kept falling over. There are many, many green tomatoes which I suspect will all redden at the same time. I see a bunch of roasted tomatoes in our future! Depending on how many ripen at once I may make pasta sauce.

Our lettuce and carrots are also growing strong. We harvested our first lettuce this past week and there is already enough to harvest more. It's so satisfying to bring in food that we've grown to feed my little family.

The gladiolas are also growing strong. Just tonight I spotted the first red buds and was so excited! We also were surprised when we came around the corner of the house and saw that there are tons of white roses blooming. I may have to go clip a few tomorrow for the house.

It was very refreshing to get outside. The heat & humidity have finally broken so we've been spending some much needed time outside. The gardens seem to be enjoying it as well!

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  1. your garden beds are so nice. it would be nice to have a bunch of tomatoes all at once. you could make all sorts of goodness!

  2. One year I grew all colors of peppers. They start out green and then change to the color they are going to. Here in Colorado we have to plant mid to late May and watch the weather about frost in Sept. That year I never got a colored pepper because it took so long for them to change. We had lots of stuffed peppers though.

  3. i'm so jealous----i've given up and pulled out all the dried up tomato and pepper plants and all the volunteer currant tomatoes that have totally taken over EVERYTHING; we're left with watermelons. That's it. Not a great year.

  4. Gorgeous...I am jealous as well! Tomatoes died from all the heat. Trying for a Fall garden!

  5. Harvest time is so rewarding! Enjoy :)


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