Sunday, August 19, 2012


 Saturday consisted of pouring rain; early morning puzzle making; a little embroidery; a trip to the library; afternoon naps & reading while it continued to pour.
 Just as I was worrying that all the rain was going to ruin our evening plans of heading to Providence & WaterFire the rain stopped. We were able to walk around the Mall & then downtown to our hearts content. It was a beautiful evening & just chilly enough to need sweaters. Perfect!

This morning started out gorgeous. Makes me even more eager for Fall days! A load of laundry; a trip to Church; donuts & coffee after; more puzzle making at home. Ree is now sleeping, I am puttering around the house and my husband is working in the yard. Soon we'll pack up and head north to my sister-in-laws for our weekly visit. A perfect end to a very nice weekend!


  1. Glad your plans weren't ruined Jen, but cool enough for sweaters? Well, I am envious, it's still a typical August here in the south, hot and humid!

  2. The Saturday rain kinda caught me off guard but it was all good. Got lots done. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Hope the upcoming week is a great one!

  3. Chilly for a sweater! I love that sentence the best-the weather here has been nice and mild too!!


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