Sunday, August 12, 2012


We made a mess of the house with all Ree's toys; we worked in the yard; I knit outside on the deck until it was too hot; (I'm working on a February Toddler tunic for Ree); we went to walk around the mall yesterday to take advantage of the air conditioning; weeds were picked; tomatoes were looked at (there are a few turning red!); iced coffee was had both days; a nap or two may have been taken; and a load of laundry was finished. Not a very exciting, nor particularly productive weekend. But it was still very enjoyable!

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  1. Love the shade of blue!! And the lace :) Stay cool, we finally got some cooler temps today :)

  2. Love your toddler February sweater!! Have you made a Lady February for you, too???? We actually got a day with less humidity---and while it was still 90, it felt soooo much better! Do you think we'll really ever get cool weather again???? (Iced coffee looks mighty good!)

  3. It sounds like you all had fun together and that's what important. That sweater is going to be adorable. I like the color you chose!

  4. I'm loving the tunic! Way to knit! I'm so glad someone else's tomatoes are just now turning red! I have a bunch of green ones, but nothing red yet... I'm getting impatient!


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