Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've lost my mojo

Sheesh when I decided to participate in the August Break I wasn't thinking that it would be a break from pretty much everything!!

I seem to have set down my knitting, sewing, crocheting, photography & blogging mojo somewhere and can't find it again!

I spend way too much time on the computer doing mindless things. Although I have been gathering ideas for an alphabet unit to do with Ree this Fall. But that hasn't taken up all the hours wasted at this computer with nothing to share! I've contemplated stopping visiting facebook, twitter and basically all computer in the hours when Ree is awake. I've gotten BETTER at it this week but still could do more. I think my next step is to shut the computer off totally. Then the temptation isn't there.

My knitting hasn't been happening all that much. I've picked out yarn for a rainbow family of gnomes for Ree for Christmas. I've got the first one almost complete. They are so quick & easy I could finish all seven of them in just days. Except that I'm finding I don't really enjoy knitting toys. But I REALLY want her to have them. So I haven't been knitting.

I haven't been inspired by the granny square along lately either. The squares I'm behind on aren't really speaking to me. I guess I could just crochet up other squares to add to it.

So what HAVE we been doing? I've checked almost all the big cleaning projects off my list. I've been reading a lot. Ree & I have gone to the library a few times. We've built countless lego & block towers. She had a little friend over to play this week. We've gone to the playground. Tomorrow another little friend is coming over. We've spent time with my sister, niece & nephew and will be seeing them in just a few hours again. We saw a praying mantis the other day and Ree is STILL talking about it.

So while my creative mojo seems to have taken a back seat and I feel so very lazy my child is happy. The horrible tantrums she had a few weeks ago have finally stopped (for the most part. She is still 2 after all!) She's gotten some very productive Momma time lately. Even if it is just me sitting on the floor with my book while she plays next to me. Whenever she wants I'm there to talk to or interact with. We've gone in the backyard and weeded & started a little nature shelf in the kitchen with all the treasures she brings in.

This post has been very productive as well! When I started out I was feeling a tad guilty about not doing much of anything lately and kind of down in the dumps that I've been lazy. I see I've been anything but that! Ree is content and happy. We have been doing things. Just different things then I may have had in mind.


  1. Oh you will be knitting again! It's nice to do nothing or waste time on the computer once in a while and then poof you will see something and think "I need to make that or do that"!! Have fun with the play dates :)

  2. I'm the same with the computer, it can lead to an endless round of clicking sometimes, can't it? My goal is to not turn it on until the youngest, at least, is in bed. I am not always successful. I've found it can help to make a list, because really, there is very little that can't wait until 7 pm, and if I write it down then I'm not feeling so much that I have to do it right then or I'll forget.

    Sounds like you and Ree have been having lots of fun while the weather is nice! And I would be so happy if I'd checked big cleaning chores off my list. I don't even put them ON my list. There is something about going from two to three children that derails the big cleaning...

  3. Sometimes it's really healthy to take a break from the things that we typically do --even things we normally love. It seems to me that spending time with Ree and doing a lot of reading = happiness so no feeling guilty, you here!


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