Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Here are just a few of the things that we have been enjoying lately:

Starting to learn the alphabet. We had "A" week last week. Ree made this stained glass window. She's always so excited to have me hang her things up!

Playing outside. The weather has finally turned cooler. It's now pleasant to spend time outside running, walking, playing, swinging and anything else the active 2 year old can come up with!

 One of her favorite things: looking at the clouds

 The late afternoon sun hitting the gladiolas. I always enjoy the changing of the seasons for the different light patterns that come into the house

The sunrise. I am not a morning person so this isn't a sight I usually see. But for some reason Ree has been up pretty much since 2 am today. It was pretty to see the sunrise. I hope this won't be an everyday occurrence though!

What are some things you are enjoying right now?

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  1. Your flowers are spectacular! Love that you started alphabet learning :) The weather changing is my most favorite thing I am enjoying! Also knitting some new and old projects in my bag. Oh and drinking tea out of my new mug.


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