Sunday, September 23, 2012


This weekend brought:

The beginning of Autumn. My favorite time of year!
Yesterday morning began rainy & grey.
Ree & I got out all the Fall & Halloween decorations and made this place look like Autumn was here.
I just need to get a few mums & pumpkins for the front steps.
By mid-day the sun was out. A quick visit with my mom. Then a playdate for Ree.
Supper was a "clean out the fridge & find something". We all ate.
A late evening baking of brownies rounded out the day!

The first full of Autumn is here and it's beautiful!
Not much going on except relaxing.
Grocery shopping for me. I came home depressed (again. still.) with the prices of things.
This afternoon is naps & then off visiting. And maybe casting on a new hat. Or reading.
Tonight the Patriots play, late. Here's hoping I can stay awake!

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  1. so happy for autumn too. grocery prices are terrible aren't they? ugh. thanks for visiting!

  2. sounds like a great way to greet autumn! show us a photo once you get the mums and pumpkins -- bet it'll be cute!

  3. I dug out the fall decorations a couple of weeks ago to push the season. Love mums!!!

  4. I pulled my fall decorations out this afternoon even though it's still in the high 80's.
    Food prices are scary aren't they? I honestly don't know how I would feed my family without a garden.

  5. I am loving the change in weather! Aren't grocery prices insane lately? Everything has gone up - except my paycheck!!!

  6. sounds like a great weekend... how'd your Pats do?

    Thanks for your kind words on my post... so true!


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