Monday, September 3, 2012


We planted a gladiola garden this year. I love these flowers! We were a bit surprised when they bloomed. The package was mismarked. We thought we were getting light purple; pink; white; and dark purple. I like the surprise!

I hope everyone in the United States has a good Labor Day. I'm sending special thoughts to those who are unemployed. We were there just over a year ago. I am very thankful my husband found another job in his field in a relatively short time!


  1. You are very talented at growing gladiolas! Maybe the packaging was just the suggested color?? Happy Labor Day!

  2. Beautiful! They are a favorite of mine! Happy Labor Day!

  3. They are GORGEOUS!!!! And standing so tall!

    (I had them in the garden a few summers ago---and a storm leveled mine; I tried staking them and a storm leveled the stake and the flower!!! What did I do wrong??????)

  4. Lovely!! I'd like the surprise, too!

    I want to plant a mess of tiger lily bulbs this fall. I adore tiger lilies. :)

  5. Lovely, lovely flowers! Wow, what a great surprise. Thanks for the Labor Day nod to the unemployed. We were there hubby (a teacher) laid off twice during this "Great Recession" (there hasn't been anything "great" about it). Now, he works many miles away teaching on an Native American Indian Reservation and he is happy for the job and the opportunity to bless lives there. So glad your hubby found another job too. Have a wonderful week!


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