Monday, September 17, 2012


The main word to describe this weekend was "relaxed"

Saturday we woke up and all stayed in our pajamas until mid afternoon
We read books
Took naps
Played with almost all Ree's toys
I started putting together the granny square sampler afghan
I found out that piecing together all different shaped granny squares is a pain in the you know where
After Ree's nap we headed to my mom's for my sister's birthday dinner

Sunday started very cold
It was wonderful!
Cuddles & knitting under blankets on the couch
In the afternoon pumpkin spice coffee
I couldn't believe the outcome of the Patriots game
Right in the middle of my blogging time so that's why I didn't get a weekending post up yesterday
I think I liked it better when I didn't follow football. At least when they lose. And like that! Ouch.

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  1. Such a nice weekend! I wasn't real happy with the result of the Patriot game either. And we couldn't even watch it because we were in CT for the weekend. Who knew you couldn't watch a New England team in New England?

    And I agree with piecing together granny squares. Which is why I admire those who actually do it! It's going to look great when you are done though.

  2. You are so lucky to live near your family! I would love to go see my sister for an afternoon. I love the kind of weekend you just had!!

  3. what a great weekend!!! and you are getting your sampler afghan done just at the perfect weather-wise time!! I never seem to get the timing right----if it was me, I'd be finishing up that afghan in July!!! trying to put those hot squares together on my lap in 90 degree temps!!! It's going to be beautiful!!!

  4. Oh how I wish our weekend had turned out to be as relaxing as yours... Yesterday afternoon was just plain HARD. Can't wait to see more of your sampler!

  5. piecing together all those squares looks like a nightmare...the reason i still haven't begun my granny along despite the big basket of yarn sitting there *cough*

  6. OH my, that does look like a nightmare, piecing those granny squares!
    We had a little bit of football over here too...only since my husband is a 49ers fan, it was a happy ending.


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