Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Light

This morning while drinking my coffee I noticed the Autumn light coming through the windows. (Part of that could be because we haven't seen the sun since last Friday I think!)

Ree & I went on a long walk around our neighborhood late this morning. This bright red fire shrub caught our eye.

This afternoon I again noticed the light. I wanted to go out to take some pictures but Ree took a late nap & I have a headache. Hopefully we'll get out there late in the afternoon tomorrow!


  1. I love the autumn! Wish we had more of a fall season here in Arizona. I haven't had too much time to visit blogs this past week so I am catching up a bit today....I love the little owl craft you did with your daughter. I have "pinned" it and plan to do it with my grandkids! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. that red shrub looks extraordinary. fall is just so amazing and full of surprises.
    maybe on your next walk you'll discover a new spot with gorgeous lighting for your next family photo shoot!

  3. The perfect autumn lighting! You and your daughter do have some nice days when out and about.

  4. Autumn light is my favorite light! Feel better soon.


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