Sunday, October 21, 2012


A pretty low key weekend around here.

Yesterday my mom came up for the day. We went to the craft store (Ree's new favorite place to go)
Ree made a "Tinkerbell". It was supposed to be a make & take craft for kids. It included hot glue guns. So Ree picked out the colors she wanted & the lady working made it.
I bought some fabric to make Ree some pajama pants.
We came back home for lunch & tea.

After Mass today we went to ANOTHER craft store. We got some pumpkin & ghost foam cutouts to hang in our front tree. And a little bit of yarn for me.

On the main road I pass by these gorgeous trees all the time but as I'm always driving I can't get a picture. Today I wasn't driving. I still couldn't get the best picture! But it's better then none!

When we got home I cut out Ree's Tinkerbell Halloween costume. Well partly cut out. The shirt is finished. But I need to take it apart to re-do it again. The skirt is partly cut out too.

I made some more owls to take to my sister-in-laws this afternoon.

And I just remembered the Patriots are playing in about ten minutes so I'll turn them on for a bit!

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  1. What a nice crafty weekend! And you bought some yarn for you :) Best weekend expense ever!!

  2. I think it is so sweet that Ree's favorite place is the craft store; it's good to know that crafting will be carried on with another generation.
    My son in law is a Patriots fan too.

  3. Sounds like a lovely grand daughter is into Tinker Bell and called me this weekend and said she just want "Tinker Bell stuff" for Christmas. That is so cool that you are crafting with you daughter. Enjoy the Patriots and the week ahead.

  4. We all love the craft store here too! Next time let Ree help hold the hot glue gun. Did you ever read Teacher Tom's blog? He is a big proponent of hot glue guns for little ones. :-) I am pretty loose but haven't yet managed to completely hand it over to G; we hold it together.

    I cut out the material for her sparkly cape yesterday. I forgot how slippery that material is. Just cutting it out is a major accomplishment, I decided!

  5. kate loves the craft store! Last time we did a make and take craft it went about that well here too, so now we stick to things I know I can help her do at home. Happy Monday!

  6. Ree and I have that in common. Craft stores are great. And you have a nice selection over where you are. I find it hard to leave the store without some yarn most trips. Last time I didn't buy yarn but I did get a real neat portable Ott light.

  7. loooove those brilliant trees!

  8. Catching up on blog reading. Love the new picture on the top! SO nice and fall-y :)


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