Monday, October 29, 2012


Amanda at The Habit of Being began a new project a few months ago. She's putting together a new magazine Kindred.

The first edition will have the theme "Home". Each week she's been posting a new prompt to get everyone thinking about how we view Home.

Last week was "Morning". I love the way the morning light comes into my house. I am sure I have posted pictures just like these many times over the year we've lived here. I am blessed that my little one sleeps in and I have some time to enjoy my coffee, check e-mail & blogs, and get a few things cleaned up before she gets up for the day.


  1. You are lucky to have great morning light. We have it in the kitchen, but not so much. I remember when I would wake up really early to have my alone time when Nicole was little. No need to be up that early anymore - she sleeps so late as a teenager!

  2. beautiful and I love your stone wall :)

  3. Beautiful photo of the early morning sunlight.
    I love mornings - my favorite time of day.


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