Sunday, October 28, 2012


I hope you aren't sick of my autumn pictures lately. Although if you are....these will probably be the last of them for the year as we are bracing for Hurricane Sandy to hit!

This weekend has been full of pre-Halloween fun! Getting as much in as we can since who knows what the week will bring weather/electricity wise!

Saturday we went to the zoo for Halloween trick or treat. Ree & her cousins had a blast!!
After that everyone came over to our house for our 2nd annual Halloween family party. I made meatball grinders; my sister made the most delicious sweet potatoes I've ever had; and my mom brought wonderful Halloween themed desserts.

This morning Ree woke up with a head cold and cough. But she's still "sorting" through all her Halloween treats she's gotten. Sooo much & it hasn't even come yet!

I've been catching up on laundry and cleaning in preparation for most likely being a few days without electricity. I've also printed out a few knitting patterns and have my yarn ready! Last year when we got a hurricane I knit a pair of socks. I want to keep up the tradition! I'm going to attempt my first pair or 2 at a time toe up socks!

Now she's napping, my husband is outside making sure everything out there is ready, I have the Patriots on and my knitting out. Time to go curl up for a bit!

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  1. Hope Hurricane Sandy isn't as bad as expected in your area. Sounds like a very nice family weekend. Curling up...what a great idea. I think I will do that myself! Enjoy the week ahead..stay warm and dry.

  2. I hope you keep your power Jen, do you have a generator? We have so many hurricanes and live so far from town that a generator is needed.
    I will never be tired of the autumn photos, they are beautiful!

  3. keeping our fingers crossed for everyone on the east coast----so hope that it's not as bad as they are saying, but better to be prepared, right???? you have your'll be fine!

  4. I love a good New England fall picture. good luck with the weather this week.

  5. I hope ree feels better soon! Stay safe and I hope all goes well in the next 48 hours. And no, I am not tired of your fall photos!!

  6. hope your little one feels better soon! and y'all stay safe, will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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