Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn Along

I've been knitting like crazy this past week. Except I broke my own rule of only having one project going at a time. I've had 3. I also broke my rule of casting off one sock & immediately casting on for the second one. Instead I cast on for a pair of socks for Ree. It's ALMOST enough to make me go out & buy another pair of sock needles. 

As for pictures I don't have any "in progress" shots today. But I do have a picture of the cowl I finished yesterday afternoon.

It's the Cinderblock Cowl from Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise. I loved it! It's supposed to be a Christmas gift but I want it for myself. If I keep thinking this way no one is getting handmade Christmas gifts this year! Due to the fact that I had to use smaller needles then the pattern called for & my yarn wasn't as heavy as it called for I knit an extra pattern repeat of the first 8 rows.

As for reading I'm in the middle of The Lake Shore Limited. It was on the "staff recommendation" shelf at the library. It's only ok. Not horrible but I did return the other book by the author without reading it. 


  1. It looks fantastic!!! I think you should keep it and knit another one to give away. Or better yet keep the one that you like the most.

  2. Great looking cowl. Should keep you warm this winter! Thanks for the heads up on the book. I'll probably pass that one by.

  3. The cowl looks great! It's OK to break the sock rule. Socks for Ree can't take long so you will get back to other pair in no time!

  4. I routinely have more than 2 projects going at any one time. My thinking is if I get bored with one, then I've got another at the ready. The downside is that projects take a long time to work. The second sock for hubby has been on the needles I think for two years! But I'm fairly certain he wouldn't have worn them anyway.

  5. Right now I have three WIPs and it's lovely -- I like being able to shift among them. As for selfish knitting versus gift knitting, I think we need to tuck away favorites for ourselves every now and then! ; )

  6. Oh that's so pretty and I love the colors!!!
    I think all of us knitters have more than one project started. I know I do!
    I have to have something simple going so I can bring it to my knitting group. We do so much talking that it's hard to concentrate on anything!! : )

  7. it looks great in those colors!!


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