Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

These pictures were taken this morning.

We were very lucky to have come out of Hurricane Sandy's wrath unscathed. Despite the horrible winds and the downpours we were able to keep our electricity. We spent yesterday playing with Ree; baking and knitting. And the whole time we had the news on.

While we were very lucky up here the southern part of our little state didn't fare so well. Nor did the parts of our city that are coastal. But nothing up here compares to the damage done in New York and New Jersey. My prayers go out to all those who got slammed much more harder then we did.


  1. glad to hear you guys are safe. down where we are we just had some storms of the regular size. i had some relatives up north lose power but that's it. phew!

  2. So glad to hear that you are safe and unscathed by the "super storm." Prayers to those who suffered in Sandy's wake. Still warm and sunny here in Arizona...


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