Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Adventure Day

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One of the things on my summer "bucket list" is to take my girls out in nature more often. Even if that just means walking around the neighborhood in a different direction. Yesterday morning Ree & I were talking about swans and I knew of a place where I've seen them before. I made the mistake of saying I know where we can see them (Note to self: never say that. Just say "hey lets get in the car and go look at water!" because when you are at the pond for almost an hour and there are no swans and someone has to go potty....you may have just a little melt down on your hands.)

Other then that it was a beautiful time. She loved running from one end of the deck to the other. Watching the water flow "Momma it feels like I'm moving but I'm really not!"; seeing the lily pads; watching the ducks, although I think they were loons and enjoying the beautiful breeze.

I happend to look up from the happy baby to spot a few big white birds flying in the distance. One came pretty close to wade in the water looking for food. I was thrilled to see an egret this close up. I've seen one or two fly over our house but never one like this. Ree was excited too and was so cute looking through her binoculars at it "I think it's looking at me. Will it come land here next to me?"

Such a majestic bird as it walked and flew. We both were mesmerized by it! 


  1. Gotta love those mama lessons we learn on this journey, eh?

    What a great sighting. I love egrets, so beautiful.

  2. gorgeous area you live near! Yes, you must be very very vague when it comes to children. Even adults! I saw a "don't feed the alligators" sign and spent the week of my vacation looking for just one.....never saw it and was a little disappointed.


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