Monday, June 2, 2014

Everyone Should

IMG_0667 IMG_0678 Moon & sunset over the Reservoir

*splash through puddles
*make a clover crown
*sit on the front step eating a popsicle
*giggle with a baby
*walk barefoot through the grass
*dream big
*fall in love
*watch the birds
*sleep late every so often
*get up early
*watch a sunset
*watch a sunrise
*plant flowers
*go for a walk
*be alone
*be with others
*lay on a blanket watching the clouds
*take a nap
*read a book
*listen to a child's stories
*cook a meal
*order take out
*pick up rocks & shells at the beach
*make cookies
*paint a picture
*write a story
*create something

what is on your "everybody should" list?

Writing along with the June WriteALM prompts


  1. Wonderful list! I would have a very similar one. And create would be on there for sure!

  2. Great list! I might add climb a tree, enjoy a picnic, write a letter, collect wild flowers to brighten your home, help a stranger, share your gifts, make sun tea, plant a garden...I could go on and on :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a brilliant list...I agreed with everyone as I read down them : ))

  4. This is The list! I love how you think and the way you interpreted the prompt :)


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