Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dappled light

Here comes the sun!! #wherethelightis Untitled

It is no secret that I love taking pictures of the way the sun comes into my living room. Especially in the morning. I love watching & trying to capture the way it casts shadows on the walls, floor & furniture. Of course this morning, when the prompt is "dappled light" it is gray and raining out. No sunlight to be found!

Thankfully I love photographing it so much I have these pictures from this weekend! The lower one is actually from Sunday evening. At the time I am usually preparing supper. Who knew the light was gorgeous in there at that time of day too!

Writing & photographing along with the Write ALM prompts


  1. you do have fantastic lighting! In my current house, I have afternoon sunsetting light (if the sun is shining). I enjoy seeing your photos and I love your journal!

  2. It's beautiful Jen. I love light coming in my home too, I just wish I had more in my kitchen.

  3. i love chasing the light around my home, too!


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