Thursday, June 19, 2014

Make & Listen Along

~ On Thursdays I will post what I have been making and listening to as creations grow. 
If so inclined post, on your blog or flickr, about what you have been making (on your own or with little hands by your side) and listening to while you create. It can be new music, flash backs, a song or a whole album... whatever you like. You can be stitching with needle & thread, yarn, paper crafting, painting, cooking... and beyond. Share what you are making and the tunes that are fueling your creativity. Then come back to my Thursday Make & Listen Along post and leave a link in the comments so we can be inspired right along with you! ~

Day 1 of the #pbhjournalclass complete! 
I signed up for Lori's week long class on journaling. Last fall I picked up a journal for the first time in years and am happy to say that I have been writing in it faithfully pretty much every day since October. It's pretty disjointed. Thoughts, ideas, lists, writing along with some prompts. A mish-mash of our everyday life. This class is giving some good insights in organizing, how to use a journal & just overall good information. I am really enjoying it!

Today's #pbhjournalclass prompt. Both my 10-year old self and my now self want to write a newsletter/zine. Maybe that'll happen one of these days! 
Here we have some list making going on. What your ten-year old self wants more then anything and what your present day self wants more then anything. A few of those things are still the same!

Today's goal: finish up some of those sewing projects that are very close to being finished. And beating the heat. Summer has arrived #hellomorningcoffee 
Still making the baby's quilt! More progress was made yesterday. Fingers crossed that maybe I will be onto the quilting part of it by the end of today!

On the table. Some writing. Some reading. Some sewing. Can't seem to focus the afternoon!
And mess making on the dining room table. Yesterday my brain couldn't get focused on what to do: sew? read? write? So much good things to choose from!

What are you making and or listening to these days?


  1. The quilt looks lovely. There is some knitting going on around here...a sweater for me, a little fun with watercolours, lots of gardening, and the little man always has a craft project or two on the go. Hope you have a good day.

  2. That's not a mess on the dining room table. That's creativity! I loved to write in a journal. I have a bunch of them but I haven't written in them in years. I like to look back at them over the years.

  3. I see creativity on that table. I love the journaling ideas from the class, and it's fun!! That quilt is going to be beautiful!!


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