Friday, June 27, 2014

The essence of summer

IMG_1207 Summer afternoon. Iced tea. My journal. #thelittleoratory. #kindredmag. @ginakimmel's new zine. It's beautiful day!

Monday afternoon was the typical summer afternoon. Hot and a little humid. After the baby went down for her nap, Ree & I headed outside for an afternoon of relaxing. I set up a "tent" for her and I pulled up the picnic blanket next to her to read and sip iced tea. Except for the most part I found myself laying down with my eyes closed feeling the warm sun wash over me. I did take a few pictures of looking up at the beautiful sky. 

To me, this is the essence of summer. Relaxing on a blanket in the backyard during the hottest part of the day. Listening to the bird songs, the cars in the distance, the little one trying to "rest" but really running in and out of the tent playing her games. 

This first week of summer has been full. There has been Vacation Bible Camp for the 4 year old in the mornings. Afternoons full of being outside or working on her flower book project. Dinner has been cold things so I don't have to turn on the oven. Relaxed days full of life and learning. Just the way it should be!

Writing along with the Write ALM prompts (even if I am a little behind!)


  1. A lovely afternoon and a wonderful first week of summer. I too, like lazy summer afternoons on a blanket :) Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love your summer relax mode and bible camps were loved by my daughter at your daughter's age. It seemed all of her friends had different churches and they all hopped around to each one each week. Us mothers would then have coffee and chat while waiting.

  3. sounds like you've started it off on the right foot!

  4. Yep - that is exactly my idea of summer too! I love that Ree has Vacation Bible Camp - that was one of my favorite things about summer when I was little.


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