Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun mail!

This week I got tons of goodies in the mail! 

 This package was from Elizabeth & the ladies at Squam. All because for March's double dog dare I learned to embroider! I now have a new, wicked fun hobby and they sent along a package as a "good job!". It totally made my day to get this.

 Quite a few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Elizabeth's blog for a set of playsilks from Sarah's Silks. Ree loves blankets & these are going to be loved I am sure! The purple one is going to be used as the "grass" in her Easter basket. The other 2 will go in there as well.

And lastly (that actually arrived first!) came this shawlette from Robyn at She Makes Hats. A few weeks ago she posted a photo of her current knitting project. I commented on how pretty it was and she offered to send it to me! 

I love getting nice surprises in the mail. They make life happy!


  1. Play silks are fabulous. We have various colors (three kids, ten years of parenting...we didn't get them all at once) and they get used every. single. day. As all sorts of things.

    The other stuff is great too, of course. But I think every kid should have a play silk. :)

  2. What a lovely shawl! I love getting fun mail :)


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