Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mister Seahorse

A few weeks ago I pinned an idea I found on Ginny's blog Small Things. Her kids had read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and then painted a picture of a seahorse. I loved the idea especially since we are into watercolor painting right now.

 It just so happened that the last time we were at the library they had Mister Seahorse on display so we took it out. Ree loves it. She loves reading it and picking out all the colors and seeing all the fish.

Yesterday morning I finally got out the watercolor paints and drew a seahorse on paper and after we read the book again Ree went to town painting. She is so proud of her "dinosaur" aka Mister Seahorse. I know when she's done with her crafting because she says "Momma hang it up now". She's always so proud to point out her creations on the wall!


  1. sweet! my 3yo is quick to take artwork off the fridge and replace it with his own ;-)

  2. She did a lovely job! Beautiful painting, Sister!


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