Monday, March 19, 2012

A Spring weekend

This weekend:
....Ree & I had stayed in my bed reading & watching "Curious George" on my phone
....made a key lime pie
....everyone was proud to be Irish (whether they were or not!)
...spent lots of fun with the sisters; parents; niece & nephew
....had a delicious corned beef & cabbage dinner
....found the first blooming flower in the yard
....took the Christmas lights off the front trees
....sat in the on the deck embroidering
....had delicious pizza for dinner
....watched the premier of Frozen Plant on Discovery. It's awesome!

Linking up this week with Amanda at habit of being.


  1. Lovely lovely weekend! (glad you took down the Christmas lights) :D

  2. corned beef- I've never had it. Is it hard to prepare? And goodness! Key Lime Pie! When I had Lyme Disease, we had this pretty often for the fun of it, and now it's a sentimental favorite.

    March is the perfect time to take down the lights. Once April swings around, it's more of an, "eh, Christmas is just around the bend, let's keep them up!" :)

  3. your embroidered mushroom is adorable!!!

  4. Wow - your daffodils bloomed already! I put a picture on the blog today of mine - still green with not a bloom in in sight! It is definitely chillier here in the East Bay.


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