Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last day of Winter

On this last day of winter we:

...started our seeds
....spent HOURS outside
....got a little bit of sunburn (Momma, not Ree)
....had every single window in the house open all day. It smells lovely in here.
....went around photographing anything in bloom/budding
....painted our toenails
....got a parsley plant
....wore ourselves out completly by spending so much time in the fresh air. It's wonderful!

I cannot believe that it is only mid-March. I'm a little afraid that our New England weather will throw an unexpected blizzard on us. Or that we will have extreme heat and humidity before May. But for right now I'm totally enjoying the warmth, bare feet, short sleeved shirt, tiredness of spending so much time in the fresh air!


  1. I suspect from all the blogs I've been reading that there has been a fair amount of seed planting going on. We got most of ours done over the weekend.

    We always seem to neglect ourselves with the sunscreen. I was diligent with my daughter but was awful myself. I've since gotten better :-)

  2. I will be shocked if you get a blizzard. I am just enjoying the fresh air :) Happy first day of spring!

  3. yay for painted toenails! to me, that is always a sure sign you're ready for spring and flip flops ;-)

  4. love the last pic of the painted toes!! it makes me want to paint my little girl's toes for the first time .. but i really don't think she'll sit still long enough to let me paint especially to let it dry! haha :)


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