Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Right Now....

enjoying having the kitchen cleaned up before 7!
watching Ree comb her baby dolls hair
smelling the cinnamon candle 
looking at the toys all over the floor
wishing her imagination will always stay this active and fun
hearing Ree singing "Wheels on the Bus" as she plays with her doll
feeling tired
noticing the sun is staying out longer; I head birds singing yesterday that only sing when spring is coming; the lilac buds are getting bigger. Spring is coming!!!
knitting almost done with Ree's second sock. I'm not knitting fast enough for her liking.
inspired Amy's blog; Heather's blog; the Squam blog and a whole bunch of books from the library I am too lazy to link to
thinking I am ready for spring and fresh air. 
We've been busy the past few days with new friends; date night for Momma & Daddy; loads and loads of laundry; family time with the extended family and lots of other good stuff. Busy busy! 

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  1. I love when my kitchen is clean too :) I noticed the sun staying out longer and am loving it!


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