Monday, March 26, 2012


Weekends go by way too fast!! On Saturday we got outside and cleaned out all the garden beds and worked on building raised beds for our vegetable garden. Then we had a surprise dinner visit from parents.

Yesterday we didn't do much besides go to Church, hang out at home & my sister-in-laws and I began knitting an Easter shrug for Ree. That's about it. Kind of what damp, cool Sunday's are for!

I'm sharing my weekend over at Amanda's at Habit of Being!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the shrug, I bet it's beautiful. The temps have dropped here so that super hotness is finally gone!

  2. Yes, weekends do go by too fast! We still are trying to get into the spring garden field to plant, all this rain has really messed up my plans!
    Cool, damp days are great for knitting!
    Have a lovely Monday.

  3. The weekends do fly by too quickly! Yesterday was a great day for knitting. I ended up spinning because I was sick of looking at the same old fiber on my wheel!

  4. lots and lots of cleaning up yards and gardens this week! hope the sunshine stays with you :)


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