Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Right Now

It's been a long 4 days.
The weekend was not so great.
I have a problem with my ears so was very dizzy and off balance.
At Church we got the horrible news that our pastor passed away Saturday night after an accident.
The weather was still gray and damp.
Our basement needed to be put back together after our water heater died.

Yesterday got better.
I finally went to the doctor & they helped.
Now I'm only a little bit dizzy.
My ears don't hurt as bad.
The sun was out finally!
I remembered these pictures I took Friday night.

Today will be good.
I'll be spending it with my sister, niece, nephew and mom.
And of course Ree!
Hopefully I'll finally be able to knit without making myself so dizzy I need to lay down.

That's pretty much a catch-up of what we've been up to!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your pastor, so sad. But, the flowers are certainly beautiful in your area right now. I hope that you are feeling less dizzy! I have some inner ear problems as well, not fun. Have a fun day with your family!

  2. i hope this week is better for you <3 enjoy your family time & those beautiful flowers :)

  3. Boy you really got hit with some not fun stuff. so sorry about your pastor. And the water heater! eep! I've had the dizzy virus (assuming that's what you have) and it's not fun at all. I hope you have fun with your family, take care !

  4. Oh dear, you have been through a lot these last few days. I am so sorry about your pastor, that is always hard isn't it? Hope your dizziness goes away and you have enjoyed the best time today with your family.

  5. Oh, that was your church--I heard about this on the news. I'm so sorry. What a shock for you all.

  6. Love the flower pictures...especially the "baby pansy" (is that what it's called??) Sounds like a rough few days. Very sad news about your pastor. May God comfort you all.

  7. I'm sorry that you're dizzy and all the housing woes. I'm also sorry to hear about your pastor - will pray that God comforts both his family and your church family during this time.
    2 Thessalonians 2:16-17


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