Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sewing for Ree

I'm linking up with Elizabeth today for "Needle and ThREAD". 

A few weeks ago Ree & I went with my mom to the fabric store. Ree LOVED all the pretty fabric and exclaimed over all of it. Both Mommy & Nana bought a little bit to make her some pretty things.

 I made her a pair of "lounge pants" using Amanda Soule's method in The Creative Family. They came out a little big...long and around the waist....but she doesn't seem to mind. She loves her new star jammies. And she'll be able to wear them for quite some time.

I also picked up this cute owl fabric. I love little owls and have a whole bunch of ideas for them pinned on pintrest. This fabric though was originally for another pair of lounge pants but since then I saw Amanda's skirt she made for her little girl; then I came across this pattern for a pillow case dress.

So I'm not sure what the owls will become. Ree wants all 3 of course. A trip to the fabric store in the next few weeks may be in our future!

As for reading I found the copy of Naturally Fun Parties for Kids that the publisher sent me a few weeks ago. I just opened it this afternoon so I'm hoping to get a review up here early next week.
needle and thREAD


  1. Skirts for little girls are so easy-peasy! I have some fabric waiting to be made into skirts for G, I just have to set aside some time...this month is so stressy, though, it's good that last year's skirts still fit. :) Just in case!

  2. Cute, cute jammy pants. The owl fabric is great. What fun projects!

  3. Both fabrics are really cute. I've been wanting to see that book. I need to see if the library has it. Thanks for stopping by One Acre Follies.


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