Monday, May 21, 2012


This weekend was full of a Momma sneezing & coughing & blowing. And when Momma is miserable Ree is miserable.

Saturday started at 5:30 with a screaming Ree. I brought her in bed with me where we "chilled". I called the pediatrician as soon as they opened. Thankfully she gave me advice on how to help Ree so we didn't have to make the trip in.

The rest of the day is a blur. I couldn't really tell you what we did!

Sunday was better. The weather was FANTASTIC. Momma was feeling a bit better. We went to Church; ran errands; then I had the FABULOUS (not) idea of saying "I think Ree can forego her nap today". So we went up north to a flower nursery and spent quite some time there. Ree had lots of fun running around smelling all the flowers and hunting down all the fountains.

We then headed to my sister-in-laws for the rest of the day. And that's where my sweet 2 year old started acting not so sweet but VERY 2.

That's the last time I say I don't think she needs a nap. Especially after a few days of both of us being out of sorts!

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  1. Yes, two-year-olds still need naps, and I have found, mothers of two-year-olds also need naps! Sounds like a fun weekend. I love your daughter's colorful sundress.

  2. I do hope you both are feeling better and there is a nap scheduled into your day! :)

  3. Oh, Jones Family, not ALL 2yos need naps (even if their mothers do!). Depends upon the 2yo. :) (I breed non-nappers but early-to-bedders.) I could use a nap right now though.

    Glad you're both feeling better. Everyone in my house (but me) ended up with that fever/cough thing, it hit the kids in order oldest to youngest and then my husband got it too. I was sure I'd come down with it the second he stepped on a plane this morning, but so far so good, knock wood and all that.

  4. glad you're feeling better! (gotta get better for squam!!!! are the Jen going to squam, right? looking forward to connecting a name/blog/and face!!!!)


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