Monday, March 4, 2013


Brought a little spring home from the store 

I find myself:

**Noticing God's glory
Spring is coming! I brought home a bunch of yellow daffodils from the store yesterday. The snow is melting. There are little plants growing at the nursery.

**listening to
At the moment, Ree is watching Octonauts. She's learning so much about the sea & sea creatures from this show. I even find it interesting & educational!

**clothing myself in
Jeans, blouse & one of my favorite sweaters.

**Reading these books with Ree
We have a whole bunch of books on Maple syrup from the library.

**thinking & thinking
of schedules; of spring cleaning; of the spring/summer garden. And I am ignoring the weather reports that are saying we could get snow on Wednesday.

Checking to see what these plants are 

**carefully cultivating rhythm
Last week we had a good balance of outside things & being at home. I noticed a big change in Ree's attitude because of it. I've also seriously cut back the amount of tv time. For both of us. We're working on the flow of our at home days & our errand/visiting days. But what we've started is working positively for all of us.

**creating by hand
Ree's Easter sweater only needs a sleeve & the border and it's finished! But I put that down this week. I've got a baby shower to go to this coming weekend so I've been working on a baby sweater & baby taggie. 

**encouraging learning
Books, books & books! All the sudden Ree loves to "play" library. It's so cute to watch her be the story time lady, reading to all her dolls & animals; then coming up with a craft to do with them, then "helping" them check the books out!

**keeping house
I've got a loose housekeeping schedule in place. I've assigned each day of the week a room to clean. I decided to start this week & am already behind in my kitchen cleaning! But it's a loose plan. I've also made a big spring cleaning list that I'm hoping to begin this week.

**crafting in the kitchen
This week is our parish mission so all suppers until Thursday will be quick. 


**loving the moments
When Ree wants to call my mom on the phone. I love listening & watching her as she talks. Her mannerisms are hilarious. I'm thinking I must do some of the same things when I'm on the phone!

**giving thanks
For flowers. I really need the color back in nature!

**living the liturgy
Joining the Church in prayer for our cardinals. That a worthy new Pope will be chosen soon. Planning St. Patrick's Day crafts with a little girl who loves "Shamrock Day". Our Parish Mission begins tonight, preached by the retired Pastor of my home parish. I'm very excited!

**planning for the week ahead
I really want to get a start on spring cleaning; lots of knitting; and I am excited to see what the next installment is for Amy's new blog series, Art Together


  1. Beautiful flowers you are posting, I think that's what I need in this house, some flower color!

  2. Save those flowers, Jen! They might come in handy soon. :-) Thank you for mentioning the new series here; I'm really gratified by your enthusiasm.

    (What? More snow? What? No.)

  3. I love Daybook posts. Great pictures on this post. I am not Catholic, but am also praying for the Cardinals and new Pope. Did a post about it on Saturday. You and Ree have a wonderful week.


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