Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter's Long Good-bye

Winter's long goodbye Winter's long goodbye Winter's long goodbye Winter's long good bye February Lady sweater Winter daffodils

Winter heard that spring is only 12 days away. I think it thought that we here in New England would miss it. So we've had snow for 2 days so far. And it's STILL snowing. Granted it's not sticking to the roads & only a little bit on the grass, but still. Enough is enough! 

For the past two days Ree & I have tried to enjoy the being inside while it snows out. We've knit (look at that progress on my February Lady Sweater!!) played legos; read books; watched all 4 Tinkerbell movies (spread out over 4 days though!); baked cookies; played buttons; made fairy houses; and dreamed about the days when we'll be able to get outside and have fun! It has been SO windy that we haven't gone out in the snow. We did try but as soon as she stepped out the door, the wind took Ree's breath away & she ended up crying that she needed to go in because the wind hurt her.

I moved the daffodils to the window near the sink & the cheeryness of them against the falling snow outside is reminding me that very, very soon I'll be able to open the windows to the fresh air of spring!

Now it's back to my chair & my knitting & my tea. I'm going to go enjoy the rest of winter's good-bye!


  1. Sounds like a good time to be inside. It has been "wintry" here in Arizona this weekend -- no snow, just rain and cooler temps, and I am enjoying the time being cozy and warm indoors. I love the snow pictures. Sometimes I do miss snow in the winter! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. We were in Miami for a couple of days and it was 75 degrees. We came home to a Denver spring storm with wind and snow and cold. Ugh.


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