Sunday, March 3, 2013


Planning this year's garden

The weekend started out by going through all the seed catalogs and making lists for this year's garden! 

Ree & I went to a Read Across America event at our local mall yesterday morning. There were local "celebrity" readers, craft stations, a free book table and the Cat in the Hat. There were also so many people. Ree got very overwhelmed with everyone & wanted to go home about a half hour after we got there.

The rest of the day was relaxing, knitting, watching a movie, and napping. We ordered pizza for supper & Ree and I made chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Today will be Church, making dinner to bring visiting tonight, maybe stopping at local nursery, then relaxing at my sister-in-laws. I'm sure there will be some knitting in there too!

Joining Amanda and all the other Weekenders! 


  1. We are having pizza in a bit, wish I could have chocolate chip cookies :) Have fun planning out that fab garden of yours.

  2. oh yes, the seed catalogs! always an exciting time of year.

  3. We are going out for pizza in just a little while too. : )


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