Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sun! A sunny craft room!!

One of the highlights of my weekend was waking up to gorgeous sunlight coming in the windows Saturday morning. After almost a week of no sun I was thrilled & went around the house taking pictures!

I then settled into my chair with my morning coffee, prayer book & knitting before Ree woke up. After that it's been go, go, go all weekend!

We went to a local bookstore that had a big story time for Read Across America. Her little friend whom we haven't seen in a few weeks was there as well so she was thrilled. After story time the little one's played with the legos and train set while us Momma's caught up. 

It was lunch time when we left & the sun was still shinning & even though it was windy, the wind had the whisper that spring is coming. We didn't want to be in the house for the afternoon so once Ree's daddy got home from work we went out for the afternoon. We hit Lakeshore Learning (LOVE that store) and all the craft store's around. A very nice way to spend an afternoon!

Afterwards we grabbed a gift card & went out for a family supper. We haven't ate out in a LONG time so it was a great night. 

Today was our usual Sunday routine; in just a little bit I'll be leaving to attend a baby shower. Ree & her daddy have plans to stay home and do some adventurous stuff. I can't wait to find out what it was when I get home! After that onto our weekly dinner at my sister-in-laws. 

It has felt nice to get out & do some fun things this weekend. It feels like we've been cooped up in the house way too long this winter. While I do love our slow days in the house, I'm ready for a little bit of a change!


  1. I am envious of that room! We had sun yesterday and soaked up every single ray. I hope you have a lovely Sunday evening :)

  2. Just reading your post makes me smile! It is easy to see how happy you are and I am so glad you had a sunshine filled weekend.


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