Sunday, March 17, 2013


Sunday morning shadows

A busy Saint Patrick's Day weekend is in progress!

Saturday was baking cookies & a cake. Shopping for canned goods to donate to church's annual big Lenten food drive. Finishing an Easter sweater (yay!) Going to Church last night instead of this morning. 

Today is a slow morning. Enjoying the sunrise & the shadows it brings. I've planned out crafts & activities for St. Joseph's Day & Holy Week. I'll be baking some Irish soda bread in a bit. Later on is a parade (Ree's first!); dressing all in green; visiting at my sister-in-laws. 

I'm enjoying celebrating these minor holidays. Ree gets so excited! My mom always made a big deal out of the small holiday's that pop up throughout the year & I'm glad to carry on the tradition with Ree!

I hope everyone's weekend was fun & you do a little something with green in it today!


  1. look at that ray of sun :) We did not get that today. Glad you're having a nice weekend!

  2. Hope you guys had a fun day yesterday. I would always plan out special things to do with Nicole during Holy Week also. One thing we always did was go to LaSalette and do the Stations of the Cross. There were also things we would bake, etc...


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