Monday, March 18, 2013

End of Winter Daybook


**Noticing God's glory
There have been some really pretty sunrises & sunsets lately. 

**Listening to
Quiet right now. Ree got tons of new stickers, markers & paper yesterday. She has it all spread out in the living room & is creating. She's so busy she's not even chattering!

**Reading these books with Ree
Still all the Saint Patrick's Day books. But those will go back this week. I have a pile of spring books to start this week.

**Thinking & thinking
Still Easter. And Holy Week. And getting outside and starting this year's garden!

**Creating by hand
Ree's Easter sweater is FINISHED!! Pictures on Wednesday. I just have to hem & do the button holes on her Easter dress. And I'm half done with the second sleeve on my Easter sweater. 

**Encouraging learning
Art & nature right now. With the gift of all the art supplies yesterday we have art covered for awhile! And we've been working on Amy's {Art Together} series. We tried starting observing nature last week by taking a walk around the yard. It was way too cold & windy to stay out for long though!

**keeping house
Spring cleaning of the second floor was finished last week! Now it's onto working on the first floor. We're supposed to get winter weather tomorrow. A good day to wash curtains I think.

**crafting in the kitchen
This weekend Ree & I made green shamrock sugar cookies; chocolate cake with green frosting, and Irish Soda bread. Tonight is leftovers. Tomorrow in honor of St. Joseph's day I'll make either meatballs & spaghetti or American chop suey. I haven't decided which yet.

**loving the moments
Watching Ree play with her little friends. It's so cute to listen to their conversations!

**living the liturgy
A busy day tomorrow. The Feast of St. Joseph & the installation of Pope Francis. I have things planned for both of them. We'll be busy tomorrow! I also need to start putting together the things I would like to do with Ree next week for Holy Week.

**planning for the week ahead
We've got spring coming on Wednesday but a winter storm tomorrow. We'll still read our spring time books & hope spring really arrives soon! We'll do some more spring cleaning. I just found 2 free admission tickets to the local children's museum that expire the end of the month. Hopefully we'll get there Thursday or Friday. 

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  1. cannot wait to see your finished photos!! Exciting :)


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