Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yarn Along

Finished Puerperium February Lady sweater

I finished the Puerperium sweater just in time to wrap up for the baby shower. The soon to be Mommy seemed to really like it! I am so pleased with how it came out! My February Lady Sweater is really coming along too. I finished that sleeve up there. So now it's just the 2nd sleeve & putting on the buttons. I put it aside for a bit as I REALLY need to finish Ree's sweater to take Easter pictures.

I had meant to get this post up this morning but Ree was up very early. Then she wanted to draw. We needed to get to story time and do errands as well. THEN the day was so beautiful (a little windy but it was SUNNY and warmish) so we spent quite a bit of time outside. It was wonderful. All that fresh air made Ree ready for a nap. While she was napping I cut out & sewed about 3/4 of her Easter dress! 

I was just getting ready to sit down to write up my Yarn Along post when I turned the news on and saw that there was white smoke from the Vatican. I was very surprised by my reaction. I was filled with excitement and joy at the news that we had a new Pope. I know these past few weeks have brought out pain in some, and made some people lash out at the Church. I have no problem saying that there are problems in the Church and I have come to terms with my own feelings on some of it's teachings. But when it comes down to it I do love the Church & my faith and put hope in the future. The traditions and beauty that encompasses the faith lift me up. To me Pope Francis seems like a gentle, humble man and I pray for him that he can heal some of the wounds and guide us towards the teachings of Jesus. 

I won't always wax philosophical but I started the blog to share the joys in my life and what makes me happy. I have to say this new Pope fills me with joy for the future! The Holy Spirit has filled me with a feeling of renewal not just for the Church but for my own spiritual life! And today this is making me very happy! (Along with the progress I've made on the Easter sweaters & Ree's Easter dress!)


  1. That is such a cute little sweater for the new baby! I think all babies need a new knit.
    Here is the link for the swap deal...
    There is still room as there are two angel square makers a month right now. Have a great day!

  2. I am hopeful as well. Congrats on you getting the project done and wrapped ready to go! I bet you feel fabulous about it. It is freezing cold today, brrr. Where did that mild weather go off to?


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