Monday, March 11, 2013



**Noticing God's glory
I hate the time change. But I really am looking forward to longer days. Ree & I will be able to get outside after rest time, before dinner time. I really can't wait until we can eat outside!

**listening to
Ree's chatter. There are times when I crave quiet but I really do love that she wants to share everything about her little life with me.

**Reading these books with Ree

**thinking & thinking
Easter! We host Easter dinner so I REALLY need to start planning!

**creating by hand
Easter sweaters! Ree's hasn't had any progress since last week. Mine almost has one complete sleeve. I am confident they will be finished in time! I had problems lining up the pattern for Ree's Easter dress on the fabric. My mom helped me so now I am all set to cut it out and get sewing.

**encouraging learning
This weekend we went and found some really cute alphabet cards. Ree can learn the letters & it's a "go fish" game too. I'm also sitting putting together a fairy/garden rabbit trail using Elizabeth's post about fairy's. This will go along with this year's vegetable garden.

**keeping house
Spring cleaning has begun. So far I've cleaned out Ree's summer clothes. Worked some more on the never ending task of organizing her toys; and scrubbed the inside of the microwave.

**crafting in the kitchen
St. Patrick's day. Ree wants to make shamrock cookies; I think I'll make a green cake for this weekend's St. Patrick's dinner.

**loving the moments
When Ree begs to go to the craft store "just to look around Momma".

**living the liturgy
Celebrating the Feast of St. Patrick all week long pretty much. Praying for a new Pope. I probably should plan a little something for the Feast of St. Joseph next week too.

**planning for the week ahead
Hoping to get one of our sweaters finished. Getting some of Ree's Easter dress sewn. And putting a bigger dent in the spring cleaning.


  1. oh my you are having the Easter dinner?? Yikes! That is quite the job, but I'm sure you will be a perfect hostess :)

  2. funny, she already learned to try to convince herself and others that it's possible to "just look around" in a crafts store... guess where i'm going tomorrow – just to look around!

  3. what a busy week! and so many Irish blessings in the mix!!


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